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Gabriele Tondl

Curriculum Vitae


Personal Information

Austrian, born 1962
Single mother, one daughter (11 years)

Academic degrees

Doctorate in Economics, Wirtschaftsuniversität (1991) Habilitation thesis with venia docendi in „Economics“, Wirtschaftsuniversität (2001)

Working Areas

International Economics: Trade, FDI, Migration, International Monetary and Macroeconomics Economics of European Integration: economic cohesion, enlargement, EMU
Economic Growth and Convergence, Regional Convergence
Applied Econometrics

Professional Experience

Jan.-June 2018 Visiting Researcher Oesterreichische Naionalbank

since Oct. 2016
Head of Research Institute of European Affairs, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

2012 – 2014
Lecturer at Donau-Universität Krems, Department European Integration

since 2011
Deputy Head of the Institute for International Economics, Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

2008/09 Maternity leave

March – July 2005
Guest professor Wilhelm Merton Center for European Integration, Johann Wolfgang Goethe University Frankfurt

Oct. 2004 – Feb. 2005
Interim professor “International Economics and Economic Development”, Johann WolfgangGoethe University Frankfurt (interim professor)

Sept.-Nov. 2003 and Feb. 2004 Visiting Fellow European Central Bank, DG-Research

March 2004
Visiting lecturer ZEI – Center for European Integration Studies, University Bonn

2004 – 2006
Research Associate ZEI – Center for European Integration Studies, University Bonn

Research Associate HWWA – Hamburger Weltwirtschaftliches Archiv

March – Aug. 2003
Visiting Fellow ZEI – Center for European Integration Studies, University Bonn

summer terms 2003 and 2004
Visiting Professor, Department of Economics, Università degli Studi di Bologna

October 2002
Visiting Professor Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires

2001 –
Associate Professor, Department of Economics and Research Institute for European Affairs, Wirtschaftsuniversität

Visiting Fellow Department of Economics, European University Institute, Florence

Jean Monnet Fellow, Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute, Florence

care giving relative for parents

autumn 1992
Internship European Commission

Assistant professor (Universitätsassistentin) Institute for European Affairs, Wirtschaftsuniversität

Visiting Fellow IIASA – International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria

Research Assistant Department of Economics, o.Univ.Prof. Werner Clement, Wirtschaftsuniversität


Funded Research Projects

  • –  “Inflation Targets, output growth and international spillovers”, project funded by the WU Jubiläumsfonds, October 2017 – June 2018, € 35.000,-
  • –  “Convergence of Business Cycles and Macroeconomic Balances in the EU”, Jubiläumsfonds Oesterreichische Nationalbank (May 2014 – June 2016), € 100.000,-
  • –  Consortium Partner for the Research Project “The Impact of the Internal Market on Cohesion”, Study for the European Commission DG Regio, under head of London School of Economics (2010-11), allocated funds: € 64840,-
  • –  „EU Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America“, Jubiläumsfonds Oesterreichische Nationalbank no. 11701 (2006 – 2008, prolonged until 2010 due to maternity leave), € 92.000,-
  • –  “European Integration and Regional Development: Prospects for Central and Eastern Europe“,jointly with F. Breuss and M. Landesmann, Jubiläumsfonds of the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (2001-2003).


(most important)

Tondl, Gabriele, Elizaveta Lukmanova. 2016. Macroeconomic Imbalances and Business Cycle Synchronization. Why Common Economic Governance is Imperative for the Eurozone, Economic Modelling 62 (2017) 130–144.

Tondl, Gabriele, 2016. Interest Rates, Corporate Lending and growth in the Euro-Area, WU Economics Working Papers no. 227.

Tondl, Gabriele, Antonakakis, Nikolaos. 2015. Robust determinants of OECD FDI in developing countries: Insights from Bayesian model averaging. cogent economics & finance 3 (1): S. 1095851-1095851.

Tondl, Gabriele, Nikolaos Antonakakis, 2014. “Does Integration and Economic Policy CoordinationPromote Business Cycle Synchronization in the EU?”, Empirica vol 41(2014), 541-575.

Tondl, Gabriele. 2013. Economic and Social Cohesion and Regional Policy. In: Mapping European Economic Integration, Hrsg. Amy Verdun and Alfred Tovias, Macmillan.

Tondl, Gabriele, Peter Huber, 2012. “Migration and Regional Convergence in the European Union” ,Empirica 39(4), 2012, 439-459.

Tondl, Gabriele, Iulia Siedschlag, 2011. „Regional growth cycle convergence in Europe“, Empricia, vol 38 (2011), 203-221.

Tondl, Gabriele, Jorge Fornero, 2010. Sectoral productivity and spillover effects of FDI in Latin America. FIW Working Papers no.53.

Tondl, Gabriele, Patricia Prüfer, 2008. „The FDI-Growth Nexus in Latin America: The Role of Source Countries and Local Conditions“, Discussion Paper 2008-61, Tilburg University, Center for Economic Research.

Tondl, Gabriele, 2008. What helps regions in Eastern Europe to catch up? The role of foreign direct investment, human capital and geography. In Regional Economic Policy In Europe New Challenges for Theory, Empirics and Normative Interventions, INFER Advances in Economic Research series, Hrsg. Ulrike Stierle-von Schütz, Michael H. Stierle, Frederic B. Jennings Jr., Adrian T.H. Kuah, 45-72. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Tondl, Gabriele, Harald Badinger, 2005. “The factors behind European regional growth: Trade, human capital and innovation”, Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft, vol. 25, no.1 (2005), 67-89.

Tondl, Gabriele, 2004. Macroeconomic effects of fiscal policies in the acceding countries. In Lespolitiques budgétaires dans l’Union européenne, Revue de l‘ OEFC 2004/4 (no. 91), Hrsg. BrunoDucoudré, Catherine Mathieu, Henri Sterdyniak, 404-405. Paris: Cairn.

Tondl, Gabriele, Harald Badinger, Werner Müller, 2004. “Regional convergence in the European Union(1985-1999): A spatial dynamic panel analysis “, Regional Studies, vol. 38, no. 3 (2004), 241- 253.

Tondl, Gabriele, 2001. “Convergence after Divergence? Regional Growth in Europe”, Springer Verlag:Wien/Heidelberg/New York, 350 pages.

Tondl, Gabriele, 1999. „The Changing Pattern of Regional Convergence in Europe“ Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft, vol. 19, no. 1 (1999), 1-33.

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